Monday, June 6

There's a Bulldozer in my Backyard

Our house backs up to some power lines, which backs up to the highway.  We were very grateful that the power lines did not cause either of our children to be born with three arms or glowing hair or something.  The county has decided to put a water main under the power station thing (which sounds dangerous) and this means that there are construction vehicles driving behind our fence quite frequently.

I do not like this because they are loud and disrupt my sleeping.

Finley really likes this because HE LOVES TRUCKS.  We took this picture early in the morning, so he is still a little clingy to his monkey and unwilling to smile for me.  You can't really tell but he is wearing his dump truck shirt to watch the bulldozer drive back and forth (thanks Aunt Summer!)  He calls bulldozers "bull bull bulls" and it is so cute.

Braden is so cute too.  He is such a content little fellow--he's happy to sit in his swing for a lot longer than I like to go without holding him. He is so tough and strong and handsome too--just like the cute cop in Bridesmaids.

We are having a lot of fun being home together.


  1. I like that you don't even acknowledge your kid is standing on a table.

  2. Well since I'm the only one who comments, you really should have told me.

  3. Kevin S. says that your baby looks like you too! Without Erin even saying anything!


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