Friday, July 29


I just realized I never really blogged about the Fourth of July.  And I need to because I have lots of great pictures.  Here's my patriotic family.

We spent this Fourth in Wichita with my dear, dear high school pals.  James bought a zillion fireworks and the husbands had a great time setting them off.  The wives had a great time sitting and watching.  Sitting on the driveway of a culdesac, barbecuing, drinking wine and watching our kids play... it was one of the first times I've stopped and realized that I'm a grown up.

Finley warmed up to the fireworks and really loved to chase the parachutes that flew out of them.  He talked about Mr. James for a very long time after that night.  He also really enjoyed practicing his counting--he was getting pretty good at making it up into the teens.  No fourth of July is complete without a picture of sparklers.  After several botched attempts, I finally figured out what settings to put my camera on to capture this beaut.

Yep, don't be jealous.  After a long debate about uppercase vs. lowercase and sparkler-shortage-scare, this is what we came up with.  PROUD.  And here is a failed attempt.

I'm so lucky to still have such great friends from high school--and I'm grateful that my kiddos get to spend time with them, even if it's brief.

And me.  I just think this is a funny picture for some reason.

Here's the big group from the fireworks.

We really like to take silly pictures.  You can see more here, but this was my favorite.  We were pretending to be bored.  Except Jessi, she's silly.  And her bf Brad was just being normal.  And Amy's husband Daniel got tired of our silliness and ducked out.

Ah.  Good times, good friends.


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