Wednesday, July 6

Rhonda's Bachelorette Party

My friends from high school are a special group.  We all convened on Wichita this weekend to celebrate our dear friend Rhonda's marriage.  And celebrate we did--all of us wearing black and white except the bride.  (I don't know why I look crazy here.)

Isn't she a pretty bride?

The mommies of the group gave Rhonda a precautionary gift:  some cute lingerie and a little equation warning about the outcome of wedding night shenanigans... babies!

In what was likely the highlight of the evening, we ran in to what may or may not have been Crazy Mike in Old Town... I'm fairly certain it was a Crazy Mike Impostor.  But who knows... you be the judge.

And this ones for you, Amy, who requested that her picture would make the blog.  Pretty Amy.

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  1. Yes, your friends home high school ARE a special group. But they also know how to party.

  2. That's the real deal. It just wouldn't be Wichita without Crazy Mike!

  3. Oh, I love you Rach! I voted and my bach party was epic!...because of friends like you!!!!!

  4. This makes my heart hurt (but in a good way)!

  5. Imposter! The real crazy Mike would not have posed for photos as he later did and his shorts weren't short enough. Regardless, it was an epic night! I love you!

  6. great pictures! This is also a test because I was one of those that couldn't comment.

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