Thursday, July 7

Finley on the Fourth

While we were in Wichita, we had one of the most fun Fourth of Julys I can remember.  Lots and lots more pictures to follow, but today I wanted to share one of Finley and I.

In case you are curious, here is Finley and I from the Fourth last year, and the family from the year before--proof that babies get bigger.  (Yes, I'm wearing the same shirt as last year.)

Finley LOVED the fireworks and he loved sitting in this little pink adirondack chair.  He did not love looking at the camera for a picture--there were several people behind the camera yelling for him to look.


  1. Cute picture!! And I absolutely adore the name Finley!

  2. that's a framer! Love your cute haircut!

  3. okay there are so many adorable things about this picture...the mini adirondack chair, the look on his face...I love it!

  4. so sweet! and i think i've said it before...but i LOVE you hair!

  5. Oh my gosh the flashback pics to last year at the fourth are crazy, I can't believe how much Finley has grown! It is just amazing how fast the time goes! Can't wait to see you guys in couple weeks! :)


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