Sunday, July 10

The Edge of Glory

Anyways, my friends from high school are a hoot.  We were coined "The BSC" a long time ago--mostly because we were apparently lame in high school and some boys thought all we did was babysat.  Which wasn't true.  We ate lots of queso, watched lots of Moulin Rouge, walked on frozen ponds and did some crafts.  And we made some fantastic movies.  We were very silly girls.  In fact, we still are.

I was the first of us to get married and at every wedding since, we've serenaded the bride with either "Hold On" by Wilson Phillips (which we started singong loooong before it was in the credits of Bridesmaids) or "Your Song" from Moulin Rouge.  Neither of them actually make sense as wedding songs, but we love them.

We... um... tend to get really into our performance.

This is the part of "Hold On" where we have to hold hands and run in a circle.  It's pretty sophisticated choreography.  85% of us were in show choir, you know.

One of my favorite quotes is from Moulin Rouge, and I feel like it embodies my relationship with these girls:  "The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return."  They truly have taught me what it means to love each other and I'm beyond blessed for their friendship.

Photos courtesy of Sol


  1. I LOVE this. And I especially love the lesson that we learned from Moulin Rouge. Allow, we could also add to it that you should always call your manservant, Warner.

  2. ahhh the BSC. These pictures are great. I am wondering if Rhonda's new husband knew what he was getting himself into!?!?


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