Tuesday, July 26

This Stinker

This little stinker has reached the age where he is no longer scared for me to be out of his sight.  He like to run around in stores and say "HIDING!" instead of clinging close to me.

He also likes to do everything "SELF!"  Which is not so fun.  But he also shocks me with what he knows--all of his uppercase letters, some numbers, the UPS truck (which I don't even remember teaching him.)  He always thinks it's "FUNNER" (that means thundering) and loves to tell me when he hears a "LOUD NOISE!"  His new favorite word is salsa and talks about it all the time.

He cracks me right up.


  1. also. maybe you should get a monkey backpack leash.

  2. salsa is a great word to know.

    and yes, victoria is right. the monkey leash thing is awesome. i used to make fun of those people in the mall and now i think they're smart.


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