Wednesday, August 31

Free Stuff

Dear Everyone I Know:

I signed up for some free grains at Bob's Red Mill a few weeks ago... and they showed up today!

(My camera is held hostage in Finley's room and he's napping... therefore, cell phone picture.)

You have to pick a race you are competing in (little white lie...) and they send you four full size bags and a cool hat.  Quinoa, granola, hot cereal and pancake mix.  I'm delighted and excited to eat!

Go sign up for yours now!

EDIT:  You can't sign up.  It's closed.  Don't you wish I had told you about this a few weeks ago?  Life's tough.  If you come over, I promise to share with you.


  1. the signup is temporarily closed :(

  2. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Well, then this post just changed from me generously sharing information, to gloating about the four yummy bags of food and one cool hat I have. Fail.

  3. Bob's Mill has great products. I like to use their oatmeal flour in pancakes. Has a nutty, sweet flavor. Enjoy your package!

  4. The 10 grain hot cereal is DELICIOUS!! Put a little butter ad Maple Syrup in it...So Good


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