Tuesday, September 6

Not Going to School

And for the first time in 22 years, I'm not starting school today.  I'm not going to go through the painful first few weeks of learning names and routines and establishing a classroom culture (welcoming, but intensely math-y).  I don't have new dry erase markers and colored pens.  I haven't spent hours standing in front of a copier.  I don't have a hundred kids entrusting their math education for the year to me.

I have two.

So I'll pour all my teaching energy into them.  Maybe I'll ring a bell and make them walk to different rooms... or be carried if you are Braden.  Maybe I'll give them detention and occasionally make them bear my teacher look.  And maybe we'll do some Kagan activities!  Think pair share, anyone?

But probably, Finley and I will keep practicing his letters, I'll draw eighty more pictures of Tow-Mater in the colors Finley requests and maybe I'll get him to stop sticking his hands in his yogurt and applesauce.  Yes, the obsessively neat phase has ended.

Braden will continue learning to roll (maybe even scoot!) and keep his saliva in his mouth.  Seriously.

So here's my prize pupil--holding his favorite movie and asking me to tell him the names of all the cars.

PS. He picked out this outfit.


  1. Thinking of you today! I know it's a bittersweet feeling! :)

  2. welcome home, rachel. welcome home.

  3. penny gros is also sad about it. AND I LOVE FINN'S OUTFIT. specially cause I gave him 50% of it!

  4. Tow-Mater sounds like a good trade-in for now...I know one G'pa who drug me to the theater to watch #2. ;o)


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