Wednesday, September 14


...well that kind of snuck up on me.  One minute I'm designing things on the old lappy, the next I'm reading a tweet about Parenthood starting tonight.  And then I'm on the couch, watching Parenthood, live.  I just couldn't wait to DVR it.

Anyways... in case you need a schedule of when your faves are back, click here.

Here's my plan for new shows I'm adding:

Up All Night: Please Will Arnett, make this one work.  Please.

New Girl:  Everyone says how cute Zooey Deschanel is... and that's pretty much why I'm watching it. Because it looks cute.

Suburbgatory: Vic showed me the preview and I was sold.  (Although, it was a different preview... this one makes it look less awesome.

Person of Interest:  Because Benjamin Linus is in it.  The end.

There are quite a few more that look good... but I may hold off and see if they get cancelled or if they make it.  (Pan Am?  Charlie's Angels?)

And my returning faves?

Cougar Town
Modern Family
Parks and Rec

And a bunch of other ones.  But those are the ones I miss the mostest.

Add your suggestions below!  Anything else that looks good?


  1. We're watching The Hour on BBC America on Demand. It's like Mad Men and a conspiracy theory show rolled together!

  2. AND Hilary it has McNulty! From the Wire! (Send my comment to her, Rach.) I need to print that schedule. I missed some stuff already.

  3. parenthood was so good. so good. interested in up all night...we shall see...


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