Tuesday, September 13

Victoria Came Back

Well, Victoria came back.  It was just like old times--we ate 10 cupcakes between the two of us, went to Pinkberry twice, watched "Serenity" (the thrilling conclusion of Firefly!) and tag teamed the two boys like it was nothing.  Oh yes, and played on the internet and caught up on our tv and celeb gossip.  ...And started potty training.  So nice of us to start that when Vic comes back!

Here's us waiting in a soccer field for a shuttle to a lovely wedding.  You can read Vic's post for more deets.  (Possibly my all time favorite picture of us.)

Finley was so so happy to have his Tori back.  He likes to pretend he's going to Kansas now (apparently Kansas is under our couch cushions.)  Braden was all too happy to be held by her too.

We hopped in to DC to see the new MLK Memorial and controversial quote on the side.  And this is as close as you get to a picture of all of us.

I'm glad we have plane tickets bought back to KS for October.  It makes it easier to not have my old pal here knowing when we'll see her next!  

Viva Vic and Rach!


  1. I'm going to talk about potty training 4.ever. Also, love you and your boys 4.ever.

  2. Possibly my all-time picture of us is a very Victoria thing to say.


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