Monday, September 12

And now, Potty Training.

Well, we started potty training. And I'm going to write about it a little here just so I remember how it went.  I know most people don't want to read about potty training during their web surfing, unless they too are potty training.

Friday night we took Finley to buy some underwear and get some treats for him to start potty training when we/he were ready. Sol and I weren't sure when to start to make him the most successful. We have a few trips coming up and I wasn't quite sure Finley was totally ready. We've had the potty for quite awhile and Finley understands what it is for and had peed on it a few times, but didn't love it and wasn't really excited about it.

Saturday morning Sol got up with Finley before I woke up and decided it was the day to start potty training.  (Also, Victoria is back in town visiting, so it seemed like the perfect time to introduce a major change to Finley's life.  When I woke up, Finley was wearing his Lightning McQueen underwear and had already peed on the potty.  Sol was a total champ--he almost completely took care of the whole thing.  Getting Finley convinced to sit on the potty, giving him treats, pumping him full of juice.  I think it went considerably better than it would have if I was in charge!  He had four or five accidents and at least that many successes.  He is now the proud owner of a fleet of characters from "Cars" and a bunch of little construction vehicles.  And lots of candy.  He also pooped on the potty several times (sorry, TMI!) and stayed dry while he went to the park and overnight!

Sunday has gone even better.  No pee accidents, just pooping in his crib (he was in there for two hours without sleeping...) and on the way home from the park.  I'm shocked at how long he's willing to sit on the potty to wait to pee for his treat (long enough one of his legs fell asleep twice!)  He's also really serious about waiting until he actually pees--after sitting for awhile, I told him he could have a Sour Patch Kid because he tried so hard and he just sat there and held it until he actually peed.  He'll come to us sometimes and let us know he needs to pee too.

One of the perks of losing our diapers (aside from less laundry for me!) is that we'll get a 3rd summer out of his shorts--he's wearing his 12 month shorts today and can barely keep them on!

Here he is playing the iPad while he waits...

All in all, it's going so well--better than I anticipated! I'm a little nervous about taking care of it on my own during the next few days... but I'm optimistic with the small successes we've had so far. I attribute much of it to my patient husband, some of it to our sweet boy and a little bit of it to my ability to Google things.

Any advice from more experienced potty trainers?  Hints for going potty when you aren't at home?


  1. As much as it killed me, staying home for the majority of that first week really helped.

    And I set the timer every 30 minutes the first two days, then 35, then 40, and so on...

    But Caleb wouldn't tell us when he had to go, so I would just put him on the potty when the timer went off.

    Also, we would put him backwards on the big potty, especially when we were out and didn't have access to a smaller potty. Caleb still sits backwards to go #2...he now stands up to pee. :)

    Good luck! I'll be praying for you this week!

  2. Yes, I did read through the entire post and the comment, and I found both interesting.

    Guess I'm in the club.


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