Wednesday, December 7

Videos of the boys

For some reason I find the thought of writing a blog post exhausting.  I really do have several things I need to post about... but in the meantime here are some videos.

My dad and Finley built a tower and somehow Finley managed to not knock it over until it was totally built.  Here is him knocking it down.  (Finley has watched this video like 100 times.  He loves it.)

Finley has loved "Baby Oh" for a long time.  And here's him singing some of it.  It's silly.

And Braden.  He chomps on big people food.  Baby led weaning is a pending post.  I'm just really too tired to write it.


  1. By far the best part was Braden's chubby little arms muscling that broccoli into his mouth. Go baby B!

  2. sweet little videos. thanks for adding some cheer into my finals season!

  3. Oh these boys. Love them.

    And Rach, I wouldn't be able to type either if my fingers were tired from sewing miniature Christmas ornaments. You have a good excuse.

  4. OMG Braden is my hero! The best attack on broccoli I have ever seen.

  5. Why is it that all kids love Baby Ohh? I think just about every little kid I know is obsessed.

  6. I just made Monica watch Braden eat. This involves bypassing the filter so it's dedication. BLOG please. For your children, grandparents and ME.


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