Thursday, December 15

Oh Christmas Tree

I did the cool thing and took some pictures of the boys with the Christmas tree--in the dark.  I love this first picture--for some reason Finley is trying to share his apple with Braden and it feels very "Adam and Eve."  Stop leading my baby into temptation!

Since taking this photo Finley has broken enough ornaments that he is no longer allowed to touch the tree--and he's doing a pretty good job respecting that.  It's just so shiny!

The light of the Christmas tree does a lovely job highlighting Braden's unruly hair and the chapped little cheeks from sucking his thumb in the cold.  And it puts a sweet sweet sparkle in his eye.

It's been awhile since I linked up with Embrace the Camera--probably because the number of pictures of me WITH the boys has rapidly declined since Vic left.  But here's one of me and Braden.  Me doing my favorite thing--holding him.  And Braden doing his favorite thing--sucking his thumb.


  1. all excellent. smooches to each of you. and I hope barbara comments and lets you know if that ever happened to my cheeks!

  2. I love these! I need to figure out how to get my camera to take pics like this :) Beautiful pics!

  3. gorge.

    you and the boys and the xmas tree in the dark.

  4. your tree is so magical and you and your boys are gorgeous.


  5. BE-AU-TI-FUL pictures! They are gorgeous!!! And they will make wonderful memories for your photo album!

  6. Braden looks just like one of those little Kewpie babies with those full cheeks. What a sweetheart. And Finley's face is becoming more "little boy" than baby in just a year. My, my. Poor little Braden's cheeks, such fair skin he has.

  7. Oh those sweet boys at Christmas time. Love them. And their mama.

  8. All the photos are great, but the one of Braden with the red cheeks is the sweetest!!


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