Monday, December 19

Boston Training Week 1

The blog is good for many a thing. Preserving memories. Staying in contact with friends. Forcing me to take more pictures.  But what I need the blog to be for the next few months is a pal who makes me train for  the Boston Marathon.  (And you've been warned--this first post is long, devoid of pictures and probably only stuff that three people care about.)

I've run six marathons (What? Who does that?!?!) but wouldn't say that I'm great at training for them.  I never stretch.  I don't cross train.  And sometimes I just miss runs--but not too often, I'm kind of a stickler for doing all the runs.  Except the Saturday ones--those are a little much.

In case you were wondering, here's my plan for training.  I use Hal Higdon's training schedules normally and kind of piecemeal together what I like.  This is my version of his Intermediate plans.

Sunday: 6-20 mile long run (I'm supposed to run 20 three times but am just going to do it twice)
Monday: Cross Training; either something at the gym, Jillian or P90X with Sol.
Tuesday: 3-5 mile run after boys wake up for naps if it's warm enough; at gym after Braden goes to bed; or cycle at gym before Sol goes to work. Or cross train.
Wednesday: 5-10 mile run at gym after Braden goes to bed.
Thursday: 3-5 mile run after boys wake up for naps if it's warm enough; at gym after Braden goes to bed; or cycle at gym before Sol goes to work. Or cross train.
Friday: Rest or make up a run I missed.
Saturday:  5-10 miles at marathon pace.

On the short runs... Do 4-6 hill repeats or fartleks... or don't.
After every run... Foam roll my stinking IT band, stretch and shower. Hee hee.
Twice a week... Do some sort of weightsy type stuff. Either Jillian or a class at the gym.
Every day... Stop eating junk. Physical therapy for weak hips.
Saturday... Blog about the previous week's training.

Anyways, my plan is to blog about the previous week's runs over the weekend (mostly for my benefit--I really like to look back at past run data!)

Sunday - 5.44 miles; 55:28 min; 10:11 min/mi
Monday - nothing, whoops!
Tuesday - 3.1 miles; 36:37 min; 11:50 min/mi (with boys in stroller)
Wednesday - 3.2 miles; 36:05 min; 11:20 min/mi (with boys in stroller)
Thursday - 5 miles on treadmill
Friday - rest
Saturday - 5 miles; 50:52 min; 10:10 min/mi (with Copper)

Total Miles: 21.5

I probably should be running a little faster, but I'm going to have to be ok with that for now.  My goal is always to run under 3:40 which is 8:23 min/mi... considerably faster than what I'm running now!

As I think I mentioned, due to me being about 36 seconds too slow, I'm running for a charity.  I'm raising $3500 for the Ally Foundations (ironically, about $100 for every second slow I was!)  More details about fundraising will be coming, but if you just can't WAIT to give me some money, please go here to donate.  The foundation does good work, and I'm glad that I get to support them!

And because no post is complete without a picture, here's an awkward timer picture of me and my hairy (not bald!)  running buddy.  Enjoy!


  1. For some reason this post annoys me. Not because it is about running, I've seen you run THREE of the SIX marathons (which is nuts on my part). It annoys me because I ALWAYS WANT YOU TO CROSS TRAIN WITH ME. And now I don't live there to make you do it with me. Also, please stretch.

  2. Is Cooper looking the other way because he's embarrassed by your camera face? Just curious.

    I'm only slightly annoyed that you're running 11 minute miles while pushing something like 80 lbs in the double-stroller.

    And, please stretch. Vic is right.


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