Monday, January 23

Best Buds

Braden and Finley are getting to the point where they can do more and more things together--and it's so fun to watch!  We moved them into a room together this weekend--and it's going pretty well so far.  I'll be blogging about that in a few days when we are a little more out of the woods.  But one of the cutest things they do together--bath time!

Seriously, they are a hoot together.  Other cute moments from bath time... squeaky clean Braden cuddling with his dad. (Finley was making us all wear medals from marathons, hence Sol's awesome outfit.)

Braden kind of likes to stick his face in the water--until his face is actually in the water.  He's a bit dazed from the dip.

Too cute.


  1. i still have my AXO red cups too. Are those considered RV designs, vintage? :)

    so glad to have known you before you were a pro.

  2. Too cute! I just enjoyed a root beer float in my AXO red cup.

  3. Dinah likes to take a face dip too. The first time she really went for it, she came up and sneezed twice.

    I recognized the cup, but I don't have it!

  4. HA! I thought about mentioning the red cup... I should have! That's red cup 2.0--the first one got broken in the bath, luckily the spares were stored at B-Roe's house!

  5. We've been RV Parties since 2003 really. Maybe we should add that as a tagline? Party planning since 2003? We've planned showers, weddings, SO MANY STINKING AX events.

    Also, I'll probably be about 63 of your views of that video. Love them.

    1. I just learned how to reply to comments within Blogger. Let me know if this like sends it to you or something.

  6. So unbelievably cute! Love those little boys so much! :)

  7. Cutest boys ever. I love how fascinated Braden is with Finley, such brotherly love! :) Hopefully we can get together soon plan a craft date or something? Let me know! :) And let me know if I need to bring the husband, like a nice wife does. ;)


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