Thursday, January 19


After Finley's bath (and unfortunately before we sneaked his pajamas on his skinny body) he grabbed my tripod and was playing with it.  I was holding Braden and only half paying attention to him when I realized he was yelling at me, "MAMA!  FALL DOWN!"

I asked him why I needed to fall down and his answer made me laugh--and then a little sad.  "I make you red, mama.  You fall down."  And I realized he was SHOOTING ME.  With my tripod.

He proceeded to lug the tripod around and shoot Sol and "make him red" and demand that he fall down too.  Sol and I can not figure out where he possibly could have seen people being shot, bleeding and falling down.  It makes me a little sad that he's been exposed to this scary stuff without me knowing it (likely in our own house!) but happy that he doesn't seem to have any understanding of what is happening.

Look at that form!  Sol thinks he looks like the little Indian shooting the bow and arrow on the Tootsie Pop wrapper.  Unfortunately, I think there's a lot more play shooting in my future... I think that's what happens when you have boys.  Oh dear.


  1. we laughed. thanks for censoring finley’s butt otherwise i could have gotten in trouble in class.

  2. Oh wow...But that really is good form!

  3. I am thinking shooting with a tripod is more about infrared photography???


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