Wednesday, January 18

Brady from the Block

It's been not the funnest (I know that's not a word) time around here... we're battling our first stomach bug.  So far Finley is the only victim, but I'm guessing the rest of us may follow.  Yikes.  Sidenote:  if your child keeps throwing up, don't feed him avocado.  And when he makes pukey noises and then wants you to hold him--you should probably point him towards a trash can.  Lesson learned.

Last week was a happier week--it was warm enough to go to the park!  Finley thinks the park is the best--I have a hard time taking him running because he always thinks we are going to the park.

Braden was less thrilled about the park.  But he was a trooper.

Braden was mostly excited that he was dressed in his cool kid outfit.  So excited that he made some sweet faces for me when we got back.

I can't help myself--when Braden wears this outfit I sing "Jenny from the Block." I just can't stop.  And unfortunately Finley really liked it.  So I had to teach him the chorus.

Whoops.  (He's kind of quiet, so you have to listen closely.)


  1. Monica and I wish that it was louder. Because it's awesome!

  2. Braden looks so much like Sol in that picture!! Oh, and Finley reminds me so much of Parker! I can barely go running with him now either because he always thinks we're going to the park and we never get there quick enough!


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