Monday, January 16

Marathons and a Snowman

Well, I haven't been updating on the marathon training--not because I haven't been training, but because the marathon part is, sadly, not going to work out.  It turns out there's a decent chance Sol is going to be extensively travelling February through April, which would make it near impossible to train.  And the charity I was running for raised their amount to $5000.  I wasn't comfortable committing myself to raising $5000 for a race that I may not be able train for, or even attend--so I sadly decided not to go for it this year.

Sad face.

I'm still running as much as I can and if turns out Sol is in town, I'll pick something else to run in the spring.

So there's that.

And here are some pictures of Finley with his snowman.  It's been pretty warm and I'm not sure we'll get much more snow (knock on word) so Sol and Finley took advantage of the inch of accumulation to build this little guy.

This brought about many questions from Finley, "Where did the snow go? Is it snowing?  Is it snowing now?  It's snowing, mama?"  We're still figuring out snow.


  1. "extensive traveling" doesn't sound so good. i hear "single-parenting" in your future... hope you have lots of help/outings!!

  2. So sorry you don't get to run the marathon!! Love the pictures of Finley's face with the snowman!

  3. Finley's expression is priceless!


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