Thursday, January 12

9 Months

You know the phrase, "smile glued to his face?"  Sometimes I really feel like Braden has a smile glued to his face.  I'll look at him and he'll be grinning at me and then I'll eat some chips and look back--and he's still grinning at me.  Goofy boy.

Well Braden's best new trick is scooting a bit.  Finally right?  He's only three and a half months behind Finley... just kidding.  I'm a little nervous about our days now that the area Braden can reach is slowly expanding.  Finley often says, "No Braden! You might hurt yourself! That's not for you, Braden!" as he takes Braden's toys.  Apparently everything might hurt Braden.

Braden has his two top and two bottom teeth and likes to sharpen them while he's nursing... we're working on that.  He still nurses about 5 times a day and is about 50-50 on sleeping through the night.  Between new teeth and the holidays his schedule took a beating.  He goes to bed around 7:30 and normally sleeps until 8:30--although he's been known to doze past 10!  We're down to two naps, about an hour in the morning and two hours in the afternoon.  He's a great eater--he loves blueberries and yogurt but will try anything we put in front of him.  We're loving the freedom that comes with baby led weaning!

Nine Month Stats:
Height: 29.5 in (85%)
Weight: 18 lbs 4 oz (15%)
Head: 18 in (60%)

Much like his big bro, his weight gain has plateaued. (At this age, Finley was an inch shorter and gained 10 ounces more!) He's gained about a half a pound in the past 6 months.  He eats well and after comparing his growth to Finley's, the doctor wasn't concerned.  It makes me feel MUCH better about Finley--I felt so bad about him not eating when I was working and it looks like I just have boys who stop gaining weight around 5 months.

Aside from clapping his hands and saying da-da on command, he also has a trick we like to call "crazy head" that I'm trying to get a video of because it is fun-ny.  He's also whistled four times.  Accidentally, but still.  That's four more times than I've whistled.

(This is Braden's "Brady from the block" outfit that he is borrowing from Edmund.  Work it B!)

Finley continues to be a hoot.  He's just hilarious to have a conversation with and remembers so much.  I'm gearing up for planning some birthday parties... I can't believe I'm only three months from having a one and three year old.  This is crazy stuff.


  1. how in the world did you make 2 finley's?

  2. LOLed at "No Braden, you might hurt yourself." AND at Nato's comment.

  3. I love hearing Finley's comments to Braden, hahaha. Funny, funny kids!!


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