Monday, January 9

Lil Clapper

Ugh.  I think they grow up even faster the second time around.  I mean, isn't Braden still a little bitty baby? I'm fairly sure he is.

I didn't realize we were to the stage where Braden could follow simple directions--but sure enough, he loves to clap his hands when you tell him too.  It's so funny.  He works so hard and is just so pleased with himself.

A round of applause for Braden!

AND...  two exciting pieces of news today! One, we have a guest post up on I Can Teach My Child about party planning.  And, if you head over to Heartsy (it's like Groupon for Etsy) you can get a great deal on our shop!  We're so excited to be featured and be able to offer this great deal to... well, to the world.  Head over now!


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