Monday, January 9

Lil Clapper

Ugh.  I think they grow up even faster the second time around.  I mean, isn't Braden still a little bitty baby? I'm fairly sure he is.

I didn't realize we were to the stage where Braden could follow simple directions--but sure enough, he loves to clap his hands when you tell him too.  It's so funny.  He works so hard and is just so pleased with himself.

A round of applause for Braden!

AND...  two exciting pieces of news today! One, we have a guest post up on I Can Teach My Child about party planning.  And, if you head over to Heartsy (it's like Groupon for Etsy) you can get a great deal on our shop!  We're so excited to be featured and be able to offer this great deal to... well, to the world.  Head over now!


  1. Monday better already. I plan to watch nine million times.

  2. Precious! I love the way Finley says Brayden. SO cute.

  3. so adorable! It was torture to wait until I got home to watch it!

  4. lil clapper is his rapper name.


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