Friday, January 6

Tired Braden

This is the thing.

Braden really doesn't have a very good poker face.  When he's tired, he just lays his little curly head down on the floor. And sometimes he's a little sad.  It goes one of two ways.  He other gets super sweet and cuddly--or he gets super mad and back archy.

Braden sucks his thumb a lot, when he's tired, when he's happy and whenever he feels like it.  But you know he's really tired when the thumb sucking is accompanied by grabbing his other arm.  He really likes to have both arms by his face when he's tired or nursing.  It's so cute.

I just can't get over how much of his own little person he's becoming.  We adore him.


  1. This is the thing - and the thing is this - HE IS SO CUTE.

  2. So so scute, I miss that lil bugger.

  3. You trained him to put himself to bed? You should become a world-renowned parenting expert.

  4. Beautiful children! I am your newest follower.

    Check out mines


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