Monday, February 13

10 months

Mr. Braden is 10 months old.  Oh dear, is he delightful!  He's been clapping for awhile, but yesterday he figured out how to do "SO BIG!"  And I'm so proud.  And also terrified that he can follow directions (however, not the directions to stop chewing on power cords.)  Growing up is painful and exciting.  Here's a quick video of him demonstrating his new trick.

Braden was not thrilled about taking pictures this month.  He almost looks pleasant in this one.  He is down to nursing 5 times a day and we are about to drop it to 4.  He eats table food so well--sometimes better than Finley.  He's been consistently sleeping though the night and takes two naps during the day. Hooray! He's a pro scooter--still no crawling, getting to sitting or pulling up.  He's a little behind Finley in that department, but I'm certainly fine with that.

Quote from Finley, "I love my F."

A portrait of two uncooperative boys.


  1. Oh my goodness! Precious boys! I LOVE that picture of cute!

  2. Both portraits are awesome! Love those boys!

  3. We find Finley very precocious. But, he does "Like A Prayer" better than Madonna!


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