Monday, March 19


I tend to take a lot of pictures when the boys are trapped--either at dinner time or in the bathtub.  The camera isn't far off and I have boys who can't run/scoot away from me.

Same messy faces.  Same sweet grins.

Same long eyelashes.  Same serious attention to bathing.  And same scrawny, chicken arms.

I can't even handle the sweetness of those boys.


  1. Darling. still think Mr. Braden is looking more like momma these days. Congrats on the 1/2, hope you're feeling good after all that! :)

  2. Why does Finley look so OLD in the first set of pics? He def has matured since I saw you last....

  3. That top one of B is such a Sol look!

  4. I actually don't think they look so much alike. Seriously.

  5. Dare I say that B looks so grown up? Goodness. Where did your baby go?

  6. Also, why is Braden not screaming in this photo?


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