Wednesday, April 11

Easter Eggs

This year we got to fully embrace the Easter Egg madness.  Finley had his pal Margaret over to dye eggs and they were super cute, as you can probably imagine.

I realized I hadn't dyed eggs in a very long time... and never with two year olds.  They did a pretty good job of not making a terrible mess.  And I did a pretty good job of cooking the eggs.  I decided to bake them a la Pinterest instead of hard-boiling and it worked so well.  It didn't work well for my pal Kate, so bake at your own risk.  We also used whisks to hold the eggs, I think I saw that on Pinterest as well.  They dyed about 10 before they got distracted with life.

We kind of loosely talked about the Bunny/Egg part of Easter, so Finley was moderately excited to go look for eggs this morning after church.  I think this is the last year we can get away with the lazy Easter Bunny business we pulled--Finley's Easter Basket present was a Jeep from CVS and we hid eggs after church while he watched Mickey. #lame

Of course we recorded the whole thing, but we'll spare you 10 minutes of Sol prompting Finley of where to look and Finley looking for "hop prints."

He was definitely on a sugar high for the day--he barely ate anything and sure refused to nap.  I guess that's what happens when you stuff your face with Reese's eggs when your parents aren't looking.

Copper helped himself to one of the hardbaked eggs while Finley was searching, but we didn't mind too much.  Dogs get to celebrate Easter too.

Finley understood a little bit more of what Easter means this year.  I read him the Easter story out of both of his children's bible and got choked up myself on both versions.  It was hard to try to explain to him that Jesus died and what that means for us.  And he isn't nearly as impressed as he should be with the fact that Jesus rose on the third day.  How can he possible understand God's son giving his life up for us?  He can't--I don't think we can even understand the magnitude and scope of it.

What he does understand is that Jesus' friends were sad and that Mary Magdalene (he loves to say her name) looked in the tomb and Jesus was missing.  So we're getting there.


  1. You know, we always did eggs after church - usually after lunch even - and I never knew any better. Actually, looking back, I think it was better that way. I grew up basing Easter more on the story and events and less on the Bunny. The bunny became more of a side note to a bigger holiday. We still were excited to look for eggs and get candy but it wasn't all that Easter was for us.

  2. You're a good, intentional mamma.


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