Tuesday, April 10

Stand Up!

Three days before Braden turned one, he decided he'd had enough of laying and sometimes sitting in his crib.  He surprised me by standing up after he woke up from his nap!

It's always shocking to walk in to grab your baby from their nap and they are doing something completely unexpected.  This happened more with Finley because we didn't have a video monitor--it's been spoiling the surprise just a bit.  Braden stood up in the bathtub like crazy for one bath last week, but other than that hasn't really pulled himself to standing.  He loves to stand when holding your fingers, he just couldn't quite figure out how to make his body do it on his own.

He's apparently got the hang of it now.

He's cruised like barely from one toy to another, but you better believe he is PROUD of the fact that he can stand up and play now.

Sometimes he gets a little excited and says. "Look ma! No hands!" Brave little munchkin.


  1. just turned one...standing...might be time for another little one! :)

  2. I can't believe he's going to be one and soon Finley is going to be 3! Where does time go?!?! Love the precious pictures.

    And ps. agree with Ashley's comment too.

  3. Hey peer pressure! Mama is tired and needs a little break. :)

  4. Makes me think of that K-State song. Stand up! For the champion! For the champion, stand up! I always cry.

  5. That is prtty exciting!! He will be out on those 2 feet before long chasing after big brother.

  6. He resembles his brother most in the first pic- totally a Finn facial expression to me!


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