Saturday, April 21

Happy Birthday Finley!

Our 8 pound 9 ounce bundle of joy turned THREE today.

Happy happy birthday little boy!  You are growing up to be such a fun little dude. (One million more pictures to come.)


  1. What a great pic, hope Finley had a special day! He is such a nice little boy...many great birthday memories to look forward to! :)

  2. rach, your hair looks super cute in this pic. also, i see that braden didn't make it into the family photo, but monkey did :)

  3. Thanks! I just got it cut. And my hair girl put a pink streak in it that hadn't quite washed out... but it's on the other side. :) Braden was sweet and napped the WHOLE party and we managed to hide monkey halfway through so he wouldn't get into any trouble.

  4. Who took this awesome photo? LITTLE BUDDY. THREE!

  5. are finley and sol twins? great picture.


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