Monday, April 23

Finley is THREE

Ahhh, Finley is three.  Braden turning one was slightly traumatic--but I knew how to handle it because I've had a one year old before.  But three?  I don't know what to do with three.  Traumatized.

I'm still processing the photos from the sailboat party, so you'll have to wait on those, but suffice to say we had lots of fun.  Lots. We had four of Finley's little friends over and somehow survived.

At three years old, Finley is still a little peanut.  He wears somewhere between 18 and 24 months clothes--and is just a little guy. He's cute and scrawny. He loves to jump over things and when he goes down stairs and is really in to doing somersaults. Sil-ly.

Height: 35.5 inches (10%tile)
Weight: 26 pounds 6 ounces (5%tile)

I've posted quite a few videos of him lately, and to sum it up--he's just a doll.  He's more and more sweet to Braden--singing to him when he's sad and letting him tug on his hair. He's growing a wild imagination and often makes us laugh with the things he comes up with.

He has a lot of particular ways things have to happen. If you pick him up to carry him somewhere when he wants to walk--he'll run back to where you picked him up from so he can walk the ENTIRE way. If he wants to get his cup off the counter and you get it for him--he'll put it back so HE can get it off the counter.  He really likes to try to be independent--and often gives up when he realizes he needs help.

He loves to help Sol with whatever he's doing--pulling weeds in the garden, shopping at BJs, grilling in the rain--he just likes to be with him. Whenever Sol is with us Finley doesn't let anyone else buckle him in or out of the car. He only will let daddy take him to the bathroom... it's cute and sometimes a pain.  It's so sweet to watch Finley--and Braden!--when Sol comes home every day.  They're just so excited.

Other funny things--he's a little safety obsessed.  He insists on everyone holding the rail on elevators and being buckled in right away in the car.  He's pretty good at hitting a ball off a tee and draws little people with eyes and hair and arms and legs... oh dear it's cute.   He has a special voice he talks to the monkeys in and is just sweet to them.  He has a crazy laugh/cackle he does when he's being extra silly.

Goodness.  I just can't believe.  I guess April is just going to be a painful month for the rest of my life.  Those boys are just going to keep growing.


  1. #1 looks like his silly cackle laugh. Great natural light!

  2. Sweet. This little one is definitely cherished.

  3. Rachel this makes me tear up! It goes so fast, doesn't it! You are preparing me for Hunter's bday in a few weeks... not ready!!! Finley is adorable... Happy birthday little man!

  4. i love his hair. your photos look fab.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Rachel--you are so good at what you do. Thanks for making me feel like I am there with you and your family every time I read a post.

  7. Happy Birthday, sweet Finley. How are you three? Keep rockin' those blond curls, please. And the anchor belt, too.

    Love you, Finley's mom!

  8. Love this!! Happy birthday Finley, and happy 3 years of being a mama Rachel! Finley looks so absolutely precious in his little button down shirt. Awe.

    And yes, he is SUCH a peanut!! I can't wait to get the kids together... at some point, right?


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