Thursday, April 26

Chalkboard slash Art Display

Since Victoria left, I have no way of gauging if my ideas are awesome or crazy.  Seriously, can someone invent a website that tells me if I'm going nuts?  Actually, that website is called the internet--I probably should have just emailed V to see if I was making good decisions.

Sol went to NYC for business for a week a while back, and I decided it was time to make a little chalkboard slash art display for Finley's artwork.  I really only needed Sol for the sawing part and somehow I managed to use all of the knowledge I've gained from Young House Love to make some cuts in this wood.  And listen to this part--I did it correctly.  The boards were all about the right size and the angles were in the right direction.  I know--shocking.

Gross cell phone picture.  Sorry.

Then I used little L brackets to screw them in together.  And somehow that went really well too.

I was sad because there were some gaps in the corners--apparently they weren't as perfect as I though.

I used some caulk I found lying around to seal the corners or something.  You are going to have to forgive my lack of using any technical words for this. But much better, right?

And then there was lots of spraypainting. And staple gunning.

I bought some chicken wire that I cut to size and stapled gunned to the back of the frame.  And I spray painted some board thing I got at Home Depot with chalkboard paint and staple gunned that on as well. I didn't photograph that part because it's kind of self explanatory and boring.  So we'll skip to it being ALL DONE!

diy chalkboard

Finley thinks the clothespins are too fun and he really likes coloring on it as well.  The board I used is actually terrible and doesn't really erase, so I would recommend using an actual chalkboard or some very smooth surface to spray paint if you need one for yourself.

And I haven't hung it up yet because the chicken wire on the back is extremely poky and I don't want it to gouge our walls.  So once I trick Sol into solving that problem for me, we'll hang it up for good.  Maybe.

Fun, right?  Not too crazy?


  1. i think this is super awesome and totally not crazy!!! i love the idea. nice work

  2. Um, I asked you what you were doing after you said you were using the saw and you wouldn't tell me. So this is sort of on you. :-) But I do like it. I really want something with chicken wire!

    1. I know. It was too late at that point! Don't you have a chicken wire frame?

  3. Welcome into the world of using tools! Look out, hardware sections at the home improvement stores will start calling your name. One idea you could use to keep the chicken wire from scratching your walls is to put thin boards to cover up the stapled edges on the backside of your frame and this would also act as a spacer to raise the frame a bit from the wall. You could then apply regular felt or cabinet bumpers to this if you want more protection.

  4. No I have a barn window frame. And mary's suggestion is good!

  5. it's certainly a far cry from trying to put the bedskirt on the dorm mattress. love the red!

  6. Not crazy at all. Totally awesome! I love it!


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