Friday, April 27

Instagram: the last two weeks

Happy Friday! Here's a little look back at the last two weeks, as seen through Instagram.  I'm rachelgps, let's be pals!

1. Planting a garden without Vic.  Let's take bets on how long it lives...
2. One thing in the gardens favor--Finley's love of watering.
3. Braden picks his nose when he's angry.
4. And when he's sad his eyes turn crazy blue and he sucks his thumb.

1. I got my hair cut--and my girl put some pink in it. I don't know why I'm making a weird face.
2. Just going for a run with a golf club and a monkey.
3. Rare: a sleeping boy.
4. Annie's Bernie-o's.  FINLEY LOVES THEM.  Spaghettio's are in that boy's veins.

1. The boat Sol built for F's party!
2. Finley the artist, drawing me and Braden in the sweet book he got from Grandma P!
3. Giving himself a shot, also from Grandma P and Grandpa S.
4. One of many pictures of Braden standing.  I'm a little proud.

1. My little "helpers."
2. The kind of help I like--a very intense pedicure by Finley.


  1. The dishwasher one still makes me smile and please don't instagram any more photos of your feet.

    1. I'm going to start a special hashtag on Instagram... #picsforvic. It's going to be my feet and other things I know you love.

  2. Love your instagrams of the week! I actually like the pedicure photo :). And seeing Braden standing is the best.


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