Friday, April 13


Well, obviously Instagram had a big last few weeks.  It came to Droid and got bought by Facebook for a BILL-ION dollars.  Who knows what the future holds for this app... but for now I'm following the internet blog trend of dumping all the Insta-photos on Friday.

1. First photo ever! Braden is excited.
2. Finley loves the new glider board attachment for the stroller.
3. Braden loves to stand in the tub.
4. And Finley loves to do somersaults.

1. Sol infiltrated the CFA playplace.
2. I ran 22 miles.  It mad me tired.
3. Sweet Finley cleaning the car windows.
4. Two cute boys at Pinkberry.

1. Copper knows where to stand to get table scraps.
2. Finley masters chopsticks and sushi.
3. This picture caused a stir.  IT'S A NETI POT. FOR MY RAMPANT ALLERGIES.
4. New trail shoes!  For the marathon I'm running on the 6th.

INSTAGRAMMED! I'm rachelgps.  Look me up.


  1. You don't have allergies. It's all in your head. (By the way, does the neti pot work?)

  2. Love the neti pot! But it is a totally crazy feeling to voluntarily poor liquid in your nostril. I'm sure you know this, but don't use tap water in your neti pot. I don't want you to get a brain-eating-amoeba :)


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