Wednesday, April 18

Sweet Singing Finley

Finley has been really funny about singing lately.  It's so fun to watch him be creative and come up with his own unique ideas.  A few weeks ago he wrote this song about a Steamshovel.  It's kind of silly.

And I'm actually kind of sure that I may have made up this next song, although I don't really remember singing it.  It sure sounds like something I'd come up with.

When I tried to get Finley to perform the song for Sol it morphed into very strange versions about everyone in the family.  It really doesn't make any sense.

I'm pretty sure a good portion of this is gibberish and doesn't make any sense to any of us. I mean, he's silly.


  1. Are you really trying to claim credit for Finley's songs? Ru and Fin would have a blast. She's really into making them up too! I can't wait to have her watch the videos.

  2. I just watched a Young House Life video where they put subtitles for all the silly things Clara says. You should too.

  3. Subtitles would be funny. I like Copper’s reaction to everything in the last video. He appears to be such a calm, docile dog.

  4. I tried to transcribe the last video, but realized I really am not sure what he is saying either... but I'd love to learn to use subtitles! I'll add that to my list of skills to learn.

    And Cat--I really think I may have sung that song once and Finley took it on as his own. The steamshovel song is ALL him though.

    And Copper... we'll he's pretty docile until he escapes and then he has to RUN FOR HIS LIFE.

  5. Ruthie liked them all. And then said, I want to watch Finley taking a bath. I'm not sure quiet what that says...


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