Friday, May 11

Instagram Again

It's been such a great week.  I told Vic last night my luck was about to run out--I mean I ran a great marathon, the sailboat party was featured on Amy Atlas AND THEN Sherry from Young House Love randomly pinned the mustache party. She has a half a million followers. Terrfiying. I mean, I feel like I've just been hitting the life jackpot lately.  And then last night, my luck ran out. Braden slept less and screamed more last night than he has in his whole life.  I have no idea why he was so mad--teething, maybe?  Needless to say, we watched Glee on the iPad until 2 AM when he finally fell asleep for a bit, then finished the night off with rounds of screaming and not sleeping.  He's playing really happily in his high chair now.  And I'm typing very grumpily beside him.  I'm a much nicer mom with more sleep.

And now, the last two weeks in Instagram.

1. A Pinterest activity--large oil pan with magnet letters.
2.  Mutant strawberry.
3.  My feet.  For some reason I decided to start Instagramming pictures that I knew Vic would hate... I don't even know why.

1. Old kitchen.
2. New kitchen with BACKSPLASH!
3. This is what happens when you dump expired seeds in your garden to see if they work. 
4. Speedy boy on bridge.

2. Budding artist.
3. Budding photographer.
4. Accomplished havoc wreakers.


  1. I do tend to hate #picsforvic but I LOVE when Finley paints my name.

  2. I think the meat hand needs more explanation. Was that on the blog?

    Your Braden story reminded me of the Modern Family I watched last night where Lily lost her bunny.

    Hope Braden's troubles were a one night thing! Isn't it weird how they can go from wonderful sleepers to have one horrible, terrible, no good, very bad night?

    1. Meat hand is just a picture from "Not Martha" that Vic hates. And this no sleep thing needs to be done now. I'm a grouch. Sol's been out of town, but he comes back today, so at least I'll have help!

  3. 3 of the first 4 remind me of things you see on the sidebars of online medical sites.


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