Monday, June 18

Dulles Air and Space Museum Family Day

We had an action packed weekend!  On Saturday, we got to hang out with the Woods family--and Finley and Edmund finally got to hang out.  Carrie brought Edmund a shirt Finley had so they got to match! They really really love hanging out together--just not smiling or looking like they are having fun.  They are inside an ambulance here, so they were pretty distracted.

We spent Saturday afternoon seeing TONS of planes at the Dulles Air and Space Museum.  In addition to the regular exhibits inside, local pilots flew their planes in and the kids were able to get inside.  Even though it was hot, the kids loved it.  Well, Finley did.  Braden was pretty much grouchy.

Braden did like walking around the bottom of this plane in the shade--but for the most part he was only happy if we were feeding him... that boy loves to eat.

We got to get inside this huge aircrafty transporter thing--I feel bad I don't know the name, but I do know that it flies around and sometime carries tanks.  It was big.  And look--decent family picture!  If the boys could just stop chewing on stuff...

Inside, Finley got to fly this little plane down a runway--so cute right?  Especially with his totally hip sunglasses. Also, this little kid runway was beside the space shuttle that just retired which for some reason I found extremely awesome and cool.

And my cute boy in an old classic car.

Oh I love them.

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  1. The reason for these clear roles and responsibilities is because of the repercussions when they do not exist. In a lesser known event during the Apollo space program, Gene Cernan and John Young found their Apollo 10 lunar module (the one before the moon landing) spinning out of control.


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