Friday, June 1

The Family Over the Bridge

We've been in SC all week on the beach, and our time is sadly wrapping up.  We've enjoyed our time here relaxing and are so sad to see it end.  Here's a picture early on from our adventures--the family on a terrifying bridge.  It was actually roped off and we had to crawl up it on our hands and knees because it was so steep.

I really wanted a picture on it anyways--don't tell the law we broke it.  And happy June, everyone! The month Chicago marathon training starts, the boys and I go visit Tori and we get to spend many hours at the pool.


  1. Our neighborhood has a big pool with a diving board and a baby pool.

  2. That landscape is beautiful. The bridge looks like something escaped from DisneyWorld! Would love to see the process of getting 2 toddlers up on that. Glad your vacation was great and memorable.


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