Wednesday, May 30

13 and 37 Months

The biggest news from the past month--I sold the big rocking chair, so the next set of pictures will be in the boys' little rocking chair.  Don't cry, really it's ok.  We barely ever rocked the boys and it was taking up so much room.  Goodbye pretty chair.

Anyways, how fun is it to be 13 months old?  Boy is having the time of his life.  He's a proficient hand-holding-walker and will stand alone for a few seconds at a time. I'm pretty sure Braden is waiting for Sol to be out of town to start walking so we can lay on the guilt when he gets home. He's finally a proficient crawler, even though he occasionally still flops on his belly to scoot around. I'm ready for those days to be over--he's ruined the front of quite a few shirts! Braden is a garbage disposal--he'll eat and eat... I don't think I've ever really seen him get full.  We spent the night in a hotel on our way to South Carolina and it was TERRIBLE--neighbors complaining about his crying, driving around town to knock him out, pacing in the hallway... then five hours of all three of us sleeping in a bed before he got up bright and early at 6.  Sol and I realized how blessed we've been with his sleep--he's such a great sleeper that we really don't know how to handle it when he's having a hard time sleeping.

He's getting better at expressing his preferences,  he'll shake his head "NO" when he doesn't want something and can motion for what he wants.  His favorite song is "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and he always says "up above" in a sweet sing-y voice at the right time in the song.  It's adorable.  He says daddy, mama, up above, apple, tickle tickle, up please, uh oh and rhinoceros.  Well ok, he doesn't say the last one.  You got me.  He signs more and all done, and we're working on a few more.  He's picking up more and more party tricks--he can kind of show us his nose and ears, play peekaboo, blow kisses, pat his belly, do SO BIG and a couple more. He's just at that fun age where he is understanding so much of what we say and he really wants to be party of the action.  Just like every month, this one's the best.

And Finley, oh man is he a wild man. He's very sweet with Braden--singing him his favorite songs and repeating the little phrases I say to Braden to calm him down.  We took him to physical therapy a few weeks ago to get some exercises to strengthen his foot affected by clubfoot, so we've been working on hopping, walking up stairs with  kis" or "Moms" when he isn't calling me "Izzy"  from Jake and the Neverland Pirates or "Minnie." Oh the imagination on that kid. He really likes to add Y to the end of words--like when he spells his name he likes to say Eff-y Eye-y Enn-y Ell-y Ee-ee Why-ee.  Say that out loud.  I'm impressed enough that he can spell his and Braden's names--and even more so that he has a junior version of pig latin invented. I love this stage where he's starting to pretend (telling me that our house is flying like in "UP") and have a wild imagination about things.  We have lots of fun together.

Can it be that we are half way to kindergarten? Is that how it works?  Now I know why people homeschool, I can't imagine sending that nugget off on a big yellow bus.  Brady and I will miss him too much.


  1. There is something very precious about that dog-eared letter B...

  2. Good for you having Finley in physio so early. Our first doctor never told us to have Matthew in physio, and because I thought we were doing the right thing, I never questioned it.

    His foot looks great btw!

  3. Those sweet boys. Can't. Get. Enough.

    Vic's right. Please send Finn to school. Thanks.

  4. Don't worry--I can't fathom imagine homeschooling. Disaster.

  5. And I am so encouraged that you WILL send your boys to school. Not sure what it is about living in Madison...or maybe its just our circle of friends, but 99.9% of them homeschool. No joke. Our Pastor actually suggested that we do NOT homeschool just to show that we can be cool Jesus freaks who send our kids to public school.

  6. As a public school teacher--I know that schools can be scary places for kids, but I also know that schools needs Jesus in them, and running from them isn't the answer! I think public schools do great things--and I know less about homeschooling but I'm sure it does great things too. All I know, is I wouldn't be a great homeschool teacher. When the time comes, we'll send Finley to school and I'll hide under the covers and cry. And then sit outside his kindergarten classroom window and stalk him.

    1. Totally agree with you! On all of it. And I am totally going to be a stalker...

  7. Thanks Rachel for pointing out the fact that our boys are 1/2 way to Kindergarten *tears*! I, too, will be under the covers crying the day he rolls off on the big yellow dog. Or more than likely I will be one of "those" parents that drops her kid off at school because I'm afraid he will be eaten alive by the 5 yr old bully on the bus. Nonetheless, public school better embrase my boy with open arms. And bullies- stay away or you'll see Mama Bear!


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