Friday, June 22


Are you ready for a lot of random Instagram pictures?  Well get ready.  I haven't cleared out my phone in about a month, but we'll just start with the trip to South Carolina!

1. Naked baby at the beach.
2. Happy parents on a quick date at SC.
3. Mama with B.
4. The family that wears printed shorts together, stays together.

1. Zonked little boy.
3. Brady in the pool.
4. Finley in a tent.

1. Finley picking blueberries.
2. Blueberry freezer jam! So delicious.
4. Boys watching Mickey in a trance. Sometimes I have to cook and they get to watch TV. 

1. Brave Finley in a fountain.
2. Ridiculous high school friends in a Google+ hangout
3. Boulevard is sold in VA now!  Hooray!
4. Delicious Father's Day lunch on the deck.

1. Boys on a train.
2. A squirrel on a carousel?
3. Finley seriously made a hole in one.
4. Our new duvet--it's all Sol wanted for Father's Day. #joke

My new Instagram name is solandrachel... it was causing some confusion when I posted to Twitter since it didn't match.  I'm really loving Instagram because it reminds me to take pictures of little things I wouldn't normally shoot with my big DSLR and it makes me happy.  Happy Friday!


  1. Love the picture of the boys watching TV. They totally have the Pettit-Scott TV zone face.

    1. Maya, I thought you would like Braden on a squirrel the best. I have to say I am disappointed.

  2. The first caption should say "Sol's butt and a naked baby." Just sayin.

    And Rach, if your hair's in a ponytail, it must be really long and pretty.


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