Thursday, June 7


One time, many years ago, Sol and I sunk a kayak.  Apparently we look like advanced kayakers, so they gave us a special kayak, which we promptly sunk.  On the beach in Maine.  It was cold and sad.  But this kayaking adventure was much more successful--no sinking!

For some reason we thought it was a great idea to bring Finley along--and he was pretty much a good sport.  He REALLY didn't want to wear the life jacket, but he did.  And Sol was a trooper and paddled the whole time while holding him.

We were under the impression that there were going to be dolphins if we paddled out to a little marshy sound--but we were out of luck.  There were lots of dead oysters, though.  And some vultures.

It was a fun little adventure with my family (minus my mom and Braden), but we all agreed that the next time, we'd be better off renting jet skis.  Five miles of kayaking made us tired.


  1. you ought to warn your family that they are only better off renting jet skis if you're not the one driving them....I am lucky to be living proof that you are dangerous on those.


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