Friday, July 27


Time for some Instagram pictures!

1. Rare picture of sleeping Finley. He fights naps real hard.
2. Impromptu visit from Vic thanks to messed up flights home from Paris.
3. Boys at the Apple Store.
4. Finley and Vic playing a Vic board game original.

1. Little boy on a little tractor.
2. Finley ordering his food at the train restaurant.
3. I went to see Barenaked Ladies with my friend Amy. It was AWESOME.
4. Giacomo's. End of story.

1. Not all Dunkin's are equal--this one in NH was just about the best ever. 
2. Braden refuses to walk alone--that boy is stubborn.
3. Tasty ice cream in NH.
4. My little sailor.

1. Finley figured out how to pedal a trike!
2. Playdate trip into DC to the Postal Museum.
3. Cute Finley and his F.
4. Braden. Love him.

Happy Friday! I'm solandrachel on Instagram if you want to be pals!


  1. I love that he is napping on your quilt in the first picture! It makes me smile

  2. What? I totally thought I commented. At the very least I probably "Liked" each of these photos on instagram and probably even commented on most of them.


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