Wednesday, August 15

Nothing Special

Sometimes I don't have anything profound to say--just some pictures I want to share.

Finley playing with his letter blocks--after picking out the letters and correctly spelling his name (!!!) he strung them all on a string and flipped them all up to make a fence.  Or something.  Big boy bed is going very very well at night, rather poorly at naptime.  He takes naps so rarely that he is getting kicked out most days anyways and sent to the pack and play in the office.  Torture!

Braden is looking slightly behind me because I put his giraffe on my head so he'd look at me. I just love everything about this crazy boy.  His blue eyes and wild hair--his stubborn refusal to walk and the way he'll still cuddle with me. Sweet boy.

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  1. I like that they look like brothers. And then not as much. Also, I just noticed in your twitter feed you didn't tweet since yesterday morning. I guess we were talking on the phone last night not emailing/tweeting. BYE!


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