Monday, August 13

Big Boy Bed

Well, we finally caved and put Finley in a big bed.  Braden's crib converts into a toddler bed, so we pulled a little switcheroo and put Finley in it.  This was not a great thing to do an hour before bed time. They. Were. Wired.  Video below is proof... warning: not an exciting video.

You were warned. I was pretty sure the video wouldn't be entertaining to many people, but I really wanted to save it here because it has so many of my favorite things about the boys at this point.  The way Braden says, "Tickle tickle tickle!" and dive bombs into his giraffe when he has it--and then sweetly sucks his thumb when he's laying with the giraffe.  And how Finley keeps calling his bed a boat and saying, "Pixie dust away!" to make all his animals fly back into bed because that's what they do on Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  This is just a good video of how silly they are these days.

They both thought the bed was the coolest thing ever--Braden kept climbing in and out and Finley kept organizing his animals or driving a race car around the top rail. They also periodically wrestled and giggled.  Oh too much fun.

Although as it turns out, Braden was a little confused and was pretty sure he got to keep his new bed.  The boy who normally goes down without a peep cried and cried that he had to sleep in Finley's old crib. It was a little heartbreaking.

We kept reviewing with Finley what to do in bed--and here's Finley's little explanation of how to behave in the bed... he left out my favorite part, which is holding on to the rail while he sleeps so he won't fall out.  He also mentions a clock--we got him a clock that turns green when it's time to wake up and I'm praying it buys me a little more time in the mornings.

Here's Finley in the "safe" sleeping position and Braden pretending to sleep.

Any guesses for how well the first night went?  As of writing this at midnight, Finley took about an hour to fall asleep and dropped two things out of his bed he needed to get.  He tried to get the first one before we stopped him, and called us in to help for the second one.  Better than I expected... I'll be back with an update in the next few days.  The part I'm most terrified about is the waking up in the morning.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE STAY IN UNTIL AT LEAST EIGHT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.


I'll likely be back in a few days begging for advice, so be ready for that.


  1. I, of course, am really excited to see what happens next.

  2. We got Vera a new dresser last week, and she was very confused. She cried when we carried the old one out of her room. She feels Braden's pain. So confusing! :) Hope it becomes an easy new routine for you!


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