Monday, August 6

Olympic Fever

Who doesn't have Olympics fever these days?  It's going strong at our house--Finley's favorite is definitely swimming.  Here's a pretty special clip of him doing his thing--listen all the way to the end for his post-race interview.

And the transcript...

MP: Michael Phelps is ONE!  Ryan Lochte is one.

Sol: MP, how did you do it?

MP: Good. I just swim. A lot.

Sol: What were you thinking out there?

MP: Um... I got really wet.

Sol: What else were you thinking?

MP: Hmm, hm hm.

Sol: Are you going to be able to put it together in the 200 IM?

MP: Yeah.

Sol: Anything to say to the folks at home?



  1. LOVE!!! Finley needs to meet Michael Phelps. Surely he will do some appearances in Baltimore.

  2. That is super cute...and the most I've watched of the Olympics. Oops. Don't tell the world. They will hate me.

  3. Courtney is a terrible American. I can't even imagine what Finley would say if he met Michael Phelps. Or what I would say for that matter.

  4. hahahaha, I love this! We have been olympics crazy around here too!


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