Thursday, August 30

Patch Update

I spoke too soon.  Braden is actually fine with the eye patch. Pretty soon after I had two rough days of trying to get him to wear it, Sol put it on him. And immediately whisked him outside.  And he didn't touch it for two hours. OF COURSE. And since then he's been fine!

He's been wearing the patch (which we decided to call Bessie) after his nap to bedtime.  During that time he normally watches a show, sometimes we go for a run or play outside and we have dinner.  Then we lose the patch sometime after dinner.  I took a few days off from it because it was breaking the poor soft baby skin around his eye when we took it off.  In my googling, I read that you could put milk of magnesia on the skin first to help it not stick as much when you peel it off.  When I went to CVS to ask about it and make sure it was the right thing, they kind of laughed at me because apparently it's a laxative.  Is that a normal thing people know?  I didn't. Whoops.

The patch came off better tonight with the ole MOM underneath it--plus Sol tried to wet it down in the tub a bit during bath time.  I'm just so impressed with him and humbled by my lack of faith in that little guy.  Of course he's fine.  Sometimes he'll lift one finger up and tap it just to figure out what's going on, but when I tell him no he puts his little hand down.  He's so sweet.  Also, the irony is not lost on me that he was wearing his one eyed shirt during our little photoshoot.  That made me smile.

And also Finley. Sailing Bucky on the Never Sea. He really likes Jake and the Neverland Pirates at the moment.


  1. Braden's hair really looks like it is growing! What a cutie. Glad the patch is going better. Tips for getting your babies to sleep in are welcome, since Vera has no respect for this momma! ;)

  2. It looks like Braden is ahead of the game with his monster birthday party wear! :)

    He's so cute! Love the shot where you got him to lock his eye with the camera! :) Also, that sand table looks like fun!! We need one of those!

    I just noticed I do a lot of colon/parentheses smiley faces and explanation points. I'm just a happy typer.

  3. I'm glad you updated about the patch because people always ask me. I think three people at least this week.

  4. I can see how Braden looks more directly with his eye, now( I checked earlier photos to compare). Good work Rachel and Sol team!

  5. You could try mineral oil on a cotton swab...we use that to get sticky stuff off of stuff at work, you could try that instead of laxative ;)


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