Friday, August 31

Instagram of August

Happy Instagram Dump!

1) Birthday treats for Sol at a weird (but awesome) Asian bakery.
2) Two boys on a slide.
3) Braden loves everything.
4) And I love his toesies.

1) Sassy boy.
2) Did you know I once was a synchronized swimmer? True story.
3) I let Sol cut Copper's hair again. Fail.
4) Finley is really in to spelling his name.

1) Carrie and I met up at a train museum with the boys. We shared a Capri Sun and some laughs. 
2) Finley fell asleep on the way home in his cool shades.

3) Sol at the kids table.
4) Finley was a rascal and covered himself in RV Parties stickers at naptime. RASCAL.

1) Cute boy at the opthamologist.
2) And he can almost write his name!
3) We went to see 78 year old Frankie Valli sing. It was awesome.
4) Braden likes to eat crayons.

1) I ran 20 miles and took an ice bath.
3) Braden finally likes the pool! HOORAY!
4) Michael Phelps and his mom.

I'm solandrachel--let's be pals!

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  1. Surprisingly so, I love you and your boys so much I will comment again on an entire post of photos I have already seen. But the Michael Phelps and his mom comment did make me chuckle.


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