Tuesday, September 4

The boys finally like the pool.

After many hours at the pool spent with the boys playing on the sidewalks and spending barely anytime in the water--they finally like it.  On the last weekend of the summer.  Of course.

Um, I love his crazy curls.

Braden would seriously cry as soon as he realized we were going to the pool.  He really never wanted to get in.  He just wanted to swing.  But for some reason, all the sudden, he loves it.  He treated it the same way he treated the ocean--no fear. He tried to crawl into the water when we weren't ready for him and struggled to get away from us in the water because he thinks he can swim on his own. Um, he's wrong.  Although he has much better swimming sense than Finley--maybe he can swim?

And Finley--he finally likes it too.  He's finally brave enough to float around in his floatie and not have us with him.  It's exciting (and maddening!) that he is finally ready to be a lil swimmer.  Great timing, guys!

Finley's favorite thing to do was race (you know, because they are Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps) and say, "I win!" the whole time.  Their other favorite thing was to watch us go off the diving board--they thought it was so funny when we popped back up!

We're going to miss the pool a lot.  It has two pools up top--a "racing pool" and the baby pool, and one below with a diving board.  It's completely surrounded by trees and down a ton of stairs--so you feel like you are out in the middle of the woods. Because you are.

We enjoy having dinner at the pool--there's a bunch of grills and picnic tables.  We love having friends come with us--and loved hanging out with my cousin Sarah's family on our last weekend!

Um, and just more pictures of theme being cute.  I love them.


  1. Maybe they liked the pool this time because no one else was there and they felt like Masters of the Pool Universe?

  2. A post full of new pics of the boys? The best start to a Tuesday.

  3. Hopefully they'll remember that they like the pool next summer!

  4. That is wonderful! And I heard somewhere where babies are born with reflexes to swim. They use these in training pee-wees as Olympic athletes. Who knows, maybe you are on to something there.


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