Wednesday, September 5


Lately, I've been tired. A little worn down.  I have a hundred (or like six) things I need to blog, I have a hundred (or maybe five) Etsy orders to wrap up and I need to spend two hours (no seriously) on the elliptical tonight.  All of the sudden, my life seems a bit busier and even though we're only two days out of summer, I'm wishing it was back again.  Summer just has the illusion of being relaxed and carefree, doesn't it?  Here's a few things eating up my time these days:

School started! I'm working 10 hours a week mentoring new teachers at a local middle school--and I think I'm going to love it.  So far my job has mostly consisted of observing teachers and getting to know the school, but I'm looking forward to getting to conference with them and help them get organized.  Let me tell you though--the first day of school is boring.  I about died sitting through 7 different first day classes.  Ugh.  There's not much of a way around it--I'm sure my students were just as bored!

My achilles still hurts!  I've been logging MANY hours on the elliptical and in the pool, trying to maintain my level of fitness and let my achilles heal (that's kind of a pun--get it? HEAL? HEEL?) so that I can still run a good race in Chicago.  Unfortunately, all of my training is happening after the boys go to bed which is when I normally work on Etsy stuff/clean the house/tell Victoria all the mundane details of my life.  All areas are suffering, and I'm tired.

Etsy is fun!  We have a few great things in the works--but we've been busy.  We have just enough orders and requests coming in to keep me just a bit busier than I can sometimes manage.  Which is a good problem--I really love coming up with new things for the shop and helping people plan parties.  But I just need like ONE more hour in the day to get it all done.  (Not to mention Finley took scissors to one of my orders before I packaged it up to mail--so I get to redo a few pieces of that! Thanks Finn!)

My children are crazy! But aren't everyone's?  Braden's been a little sick/teething-y/acting like he's one. This mostly means he wants to lay on my chest and watch TV, which I love, except that it means I can't  work on Etsy stuff/clean the house/email Victoria... I'm sensing a pattern.  And Finley--FINLEY. That kid.  He's recently discovered a love of scissors and making large piles of anything he can get his hands on--neither of which are things I particularly like because they are not neat and tidy activities.  Oh those boys.

So, we're hanging in there.  I think I'm going to get started on my long to do list--starting with taking a quick nap.  Also, sorry there were no pictures.  I realize that means only Victoria and my mom will have read this far, so thanks you two!


  1. I totally made it to the bottom. #youunderestimateme

  2. I totally miss our excessive emailing. LIKE A LOT. HEAL ACHILLES HEEL - HEAL!!!

  3. Replies
    1. I think you guys are confused about how hashtags work. #blogsarenotTwitter

  4. Mom here! I am very excited about Finley's scissor skills! Remember I was wounded in one of his early attempts!

  5. You do sound busy! And that injury is not helping things! Hope your time on the elliptical was good tonight. Can't imagine Finely cutting and piling things up all around the house :) enjoy!

  6. #ilikeLaurenandKatherine'suseofhashtags You just can't keep that Finley down! Whew! Being a Mom is totally a superhuman task and then you've got to remember there's a person behind that title. : )

  7. I memorized it. #icanoneupeveryoneandthenuseahashtagonablogbecauseidonttwitter

  8. I'm playing catch up way late, but still made it to the end. Can I one-up Courtney? #iprobablyshouldntbecauseigotsickinherhouseonce


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