Friday, September 7

Hoarding: Toy Edition

One of Finley's not-quite-as-charming traits is his burning love of putting stuff in piles.  Oh the hoarding.  It's so very frustrating--he does it so quietly and so quickly.  He'll collect a hundred things from around the house and put them all in a pile, or wrap them up in a blanket or roll them up in a rug. And then when I sweetly demand that he puts all his treasures back, he normally just moves his stash somewhere else.  Infuriating? Adorable? You be the judge.

I think it started with his undying love of UP.  One of Finley's favorite parts is when the house is flying through the storm and Mr. Frederickson makes a pile of all his stuff and ties it down.  So obviously, we frequently reenact that scene.  And also the part where everything falls off the walls--he loves to knock things down to do that scene. Obviously.

And making a pile from UP has morphed into loading his "delivery packages" on an airplane, or making a pile of stuff to hide under.  Oh three year olds. The games you play. I'm just grateful I can get him to help clean up part of the time!


  1. Oh, that Finley. Too adorable.

  2. PS - I love that your tiny little boy can get ALL THAT STUFF to new places! GAH! I'd kind of like a video for the next edition of "Hoarding" please.

  3. I'm with Jenn...Hoarding on video. Please?


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