Monday, August 20

Trains with Edmund

On Friday, the boys and I headed north to Baltimore to visit the B&O Train Museum with little Edmund. And by little I mean that he is nine months younger than Finley, but taller.  We had a ton of fun at the museum--it was surprisingly kid friendly!  Forgive my lack of train vocabulary as I try to describe it...

The main room had a dozen engines around the the perimeter like wagon spokes and one of those spinny things in the middle that probably makes the trains switch tracks.  Finley and Edmund were kind of in awe--they couldn't stop looking around!  And it looks like Braden and Finley are happy to take a picture with me, but this is an illusion. They were both trying to escape and Braden's scream happens to look like a smile here!

There was also a GREAT kids area full of train toys.  I think all three of the boys could have played there for hours. And the three grown ups would have been happy to sit in the rocking chairs forever.

Outside there was a little train for the kiddos to ride around in. They made three laps around and were a little underwhelmed. Apparently trains don't have steering wheels--I think that took away a little of the fun.

And here's pregnant Carrie and I--growing a little boy who is going to be Braden's BFF and probably eventually outgrow him too.  You can't even see her bump here, but it's cute.

Edmund and Finley love each other--they are just too sweet.  Whenever Carrie asks Edmund what they should name his baby brother he says, "BRADY!" So sweet. I'd be ok with that. :)

Cute blond little friends!


  1. Do you think of Monopoly when you read B&O Museum? Just curious.

    I'm very impressed with your outing to Baltimore! Fun mama. And, I love the photo of you and the boys. Adorable.

  2. Eating some QUIN-WAH and reading this blog. Edmund is tall.


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