Thursday, September 20


Somewhat inspired by my friend Kat, I've decided that I should just go ahead and blog pictures, even if I don't have many words to go with them.  I want to remember the somewhat chaotic bowling trip we went on, even if I don't have any hilarious anecdotes to go with it.

We went bowling.  Finley miraculously got 4 spares in a row, and ended up with a score of 103.  I'm thrilled when I break 100, so I was pretty proud. Granted, he used a ramp and bumpers... but still.

The bowlers' little siblings were pretty good sports.  Abby rode around on her mama, and Braden devoured a bag of animal crackers. After he finished, all he wanted to do was go down the lane to the pins and he was FURIOUS that I wouldn't let him.  Sometimes I long for the days where he could not walk away from me.

Cutest couple ever, right? I love these two.


  1. I think that they should have letter shirts often. M's is so cute!

  2. Moi?? #iliketokeepitsimple #oramijustsimpleminded Cute kiddos, I tell ya.


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