Wednesday, September 19

Little Engineer

Sometimes I'm amazed and confused at what Finley can do.

The other day I found him intently building this pyramid out of cars (not all the cars--only the race cars.)

He built it over and over after Braden knocked it down and was willing to pose for some pictures with it.

And actually the most amazing thing about the picture above is that he's looking at the camera and smiling. Looks like he has quite a few career opportunities ahead of him--more than likely being the guy who stacks up the cars for monster trucks to drive over.


  1. You guys have a lot of race cars. Also, I'm loving Finley's hair right now. Tre Chic.

    1. His hair looks a little wonky from the side--it's actually very crooked! Hair Cuttery.

  2. I was looking through your etsy shop, as I'm in the middle of planning my soon to be 3 years olds birthday party (tear), and I'm quite sad you don't have any purple!! As KSU alum, I feel as if you should get started on that right away :)

  3. I hope you have the Mobil One car.

  4. It's all about the symmetry. Sol used to love to stack pennies in jar lids doing much the same idea. Maybe it's in their genome. : }


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