Wednesday, September 12

Finley's First Week of Preschool

My Google Reader and Facebook feed has been full of moms lamenting (or celebrating!) their children going back to school.  We're not sending Finley to preschool this year for a variety of reasons--it didn't fit with my work schedule, it's expensive, I'm selfishly not ready to send him off, and he has a preschool type setting in Sunday school and in BSF every week.  For this year, I'm doing preschool with him at home (I hesitate to call it "homeschooling" because it elicits all sorts of reactions).  We're meeting with his pal Margaret a few times a week to do a project and go on a related outing.  Last week  we were learning about the letter A... and here's Finley doing some apple stamping.

And some very serious apple painting.  I'm a little surprised at his fine motor skills--he did an awesome job painting in the lines and he is a pretty accomplished cutter.  I just need to remember to keep the scissors out of his reach...

Last year, we did BFIAR with his little pal Margaret, and this year we're doing a letter curriculum.  BFIAR is a neat program that has a book that you read everyday for a week and some accompanying activities and questions that go along with it.  We really enjoyed doing it together. For this school year, my friend Kate and I purchased a curriculum that has a bunch of worksheets, along with a bible verse  and some extra suggestions of books to read, movies to watch and crafts to do.  I'm trying to find a half an hour a day to work with him on his activities--which he has LOVED this week.

We started it off with A for this past week. We spent Friday morning doing some Apple projects with Margaret--these pictures were taken in her cute homeschool area her mama made--it's adorable!  We stamped with apples and did a few projects my friend Jenae has on her incredible blog. Finley really loved doing his activities with Margaret and eating apple cake with her on the deck. He even agreed to sit in the blue chair even though HE LOVES RED.

I'm going to try to have some sort of project from each week to save so that we can accumulate an alphabet throughout the year... here's an apple and a butterfly we've made so far.

We're trying to find a fun related activity to do on Fridays--our plans to pick apples last week were foiled by the apples not being ready to pick. And this week we are planning on going bowling.  So that should be insane.  Feel free to pray for us. :)


  1. It doesn't matter what you call sounds a heck of a lot more fun than mainstream preschool. I mean, BOWLING? That's awesome.

  2. Also, I'm very excited I will get discussed twice at Tori and Victoria. And also BFF, right?

  3. In Sept. 1960 my brother Keith was a 1st grader at Triumph, the one-room school with no running water and outhouses. The teacher only taught 1st through 5th grades, so my mom taught my kindergarten class. I still remember the navy workbook that we used. She has a degree in elementary education from CU so was very qualified. She also taught me piano lessons for about 5 years.

  4. Nice work lady! Finley has such a great momma :-)

  5. How GREAT! I think "pre-schooling at home" is a FANTASTIC thing. I mean, you ARE a teacher after all. So sweet you get to spend time with your boys!! They're so cute.

  6. Love the projects and that you and Finley get to do this with friends...makes for great memories.

  7. We will more than likely "homeschool" for preschool also...I think it's great! You are doing a wonderful job and looks like he is learning lots and having fun!

  8. Give in. Homeschool. If anyone would be great at it, you would.


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